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About Us

In the past few decades, the owners of AZG Enterprise Inc have made strategic investments in various industries, including oil fields, modular data centers, Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent terminals, and smart manufacturing plants, primarily in Texas. Recently, we have been requested by Tesla to establish a manufacturing facility in Baja California, Mexico, to supply parts for their product lines in North America and Germany.

As a company that values the importance of regaining manufacturing power for our country, we are committed to being a part of it. We recognize the significance of innovation in driving the industry forward, and as a company that prioritizes execution, we are well-positioned to work with companies like Honeywell to bring such innovation to fruition.



HAEP coating technology is can be applied to hydraulic rods, cylinders, pistons, mud motors, and other components used in oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, construction, and other industries. Its performance is superior to commonly used coatings and has a competitive price point.

 Our main focus will be the existing positive displacement motor (PDM) power section market, used for oil and gas (O&G) drilling operations, in the United States but will simultaneously capitalize on other applications such as progressive cavity pump (PCP) rotors and other components used in the O&G sector. 



1220 Augusta Dr, Suite 177, Houston, TX, 77057

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